In accordance with the “Company Law”, “Company Articles of Association” and other relevant provisions, the Company has established a Strategic Planning Committee, Audit Committee, and Nomination Committees, Assessment Committee and Remuneration Committee. All the committees are composed of directors. The members of the Board of Directors of the committees are as follows
 (1) The Audit Committee comprises one director and two independent directors. The committee is chaired by Mr. Li Cunhui. The other two members are Mr. Liu Xinghai and Ms. Deng Yan.
 (2) The Nomination Committee, Assessment Committee and Remuneration Committee comprise one director and two independent directors.
The three committees are chaired by Mr. Wang Xin. The other two members are Mr. Yang Guangchang and Mr. Li Cunhui.
 (3) Strategic Planning Committee comprises one directors and two independent directors. It is chaired by Mr. Zhao Qianfang. And the other independent directors are Ms. Deng Yan and Mr. Wang Xin.
The audit department serves the function of internal audit in the company, which is supervised by the Board of Directors. This department is responsible for the audit of Company’s financial management, internal control system and implementation. The Audit Department is reporting to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.